Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sakura at High Park

Dress: H&M | Cardigan: Abercrombie | Boots: Doc Martens | Sunglasses: Black Market Vintage

It's been a century since I've posted. I have no excuse, except that life happened. Plus, my failed hard drive situation tormented me on a daily basis, but that's a different story. On a better note, I am back and this time, with a bit of good news - I will be translating my posts to Russian, as requested. WHAT!? I know… Shocker. Let's hope I don't sound like a Soviet high school dropout. 

Over the weekend, I took my mummy dearest out to High Park to see Sakura in full bloom for Mothers' Day. The weather was the best we've had in Toronto this year. It finally feels and looks like spring. So, in honour of the change, I wore a dress. You won't believe how great it feels not to wear a jacket for once. Midi dresses, slouchy cardigans and Doc Martens, on the other hand, are some things you can never go wrong with, any time of year. That's not what my mom thought - apparently, I looked like a 1920s factory worker - but oh well, I take it as a compliment.

Я целый век не обновляла свой блог. У меня нет оправданий, кроме того, что жизнь произошло. Плюс, моя ситуация с испорченным жестким диском мучила меня каждый день, но это уже совсем другая история. На лучшем примечании, я вернулась и на этот раз, с хорошим новостям - Я буду переводить мои блогпосты на русском. ЧТА?! Я знаю... Большой шок. Будем надеяться, что я не буду звучать как человек который не закончил среднюю школу :P

На выходные, я пригласила мою маму в парк, чтобы посмотреть на Сакура в полном расцвете, в честь День Матери. Погода была самая лучшая которая Торонто имела в этом году. Наконец-то, чувствуется и смотрится как весна. Так что, я очевидно была одета в платье. Вы не поверите, как это здорово не носить пиджак, хоть раз. Миди-платья, свободные кардиганы и Док Мартенс, с другой стороны, некоторые вещи которые можно носить в любое время года. Это не то, что думалa моя мама - видимо, я была похожа на рабочий завода из 1920 - ну и ладно, я воспринимаю это как комплимент.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Jacket: Gap | Sweater: H&M | Pants: American Apparel | Boots: Dr. Martens

The other day, I went to see the long anticipated Divergent film. Since I happen to be a fan of dystopian fiction, and have read the books, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the first instalment was accurately translated onto the big screen. The sets were exactly the way I had pictured while reading the books, so a huge thumbs up to the art department. Even the actors matched the descriptions in the books, and despite being a YA adventure film, there was nothing immature or corny about their portrayal of the characters. 

As always, I couldn't NOT notice the wardrobe choices made for the film. All five factions were dressed in a practical, believable manner, and it was obvious how severely attentive to details the costume designers were. My favourite faction, wardrobe wise, was Dauntless. Their military inspired ensembles, leather jackets and utility pants had me wanting to get initiated right away. This is how I dress most of the time, anyway. Abnegation's simple, cozy, grey dress code, which included baggy sweaters and long skirts, was also very appealing to me. 

Considering I am Divergent myself (who isn't?), I decided to blend features of the three factions Tris Prior gets matched with - Dauntless, Abnegation, Erudite - and create a look that she would, perhaps, wear in the future. You should know what I mean if you've read the final book. I put on a grey, utilitarian parka that is baggy, modest and versatile; it represents Abnegation and its virtue of selflessness. Underneath is an indigo, angora sweater, which is elegant, put-together and slightly preppy, exactly à la Erudite and its virtue of intelligence. To top this outfit off, I added a pair of black nylon, riding pants and black combat boots, which are tough, daring and rigid, just like Dauntless and its virtue of bravery. 

I hope you liked this faction merging look. If you decide to see the movie, I hope you enjoy that too!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Springtime Sky Blues

Sweater: Zara | Leggings: Garage Montreal | Boots: Enzo Angiolini (The Bay) | Watch: Michael Kors

Spring is in the air! Or... maybe not so much, if you live in Toronto. Mother Nature has been "bipolar," as some like to call her. It snows one minute, rains the other and then, out comes the sun. People must forget that it's nothing out of the ordinary for spring to be a bit capricious. After all, 'tis the season of youth, so moodiness is to be expected at all times. Patience is key in this case, since March winds and April showers will surely bring forth May flowers... And allergies. As you can see from the picture above, I've already brought forth my flowers, ahead of schedule. 

Enough weather talk and onto the outfit! Because of the inconsistent, subzero temperatures, I like to remain on the safe side of wardrobe decision-making. Here, I opted for my current, and perhaps all-time, favourite chunky, angora, knitted sweater. There's not a single thing wrong with this piece of garment; every bit of it is made to perfection. The softness, the fluffy texture, the warmth, the loose fit, the knitted pattern, the delicate baby blue colour - I love it all. This sweater whispers, "feminine, classy, cozy" and requests to be paired with items of similar quality. So, I added a pair of grey knitted leggings to compliment the tenderness and warmth of the wintry sweater, which manages to welcome spring with flying colours, pun intended. The tall, riding boots augment the simple sophistication of the ensemble. And don't worry, the leggings don't actually have see-through stripes all the way up. Harmless, visual tricks can be fun sometimes, don't you agree? ;)

Hope you enjoyed, are not suffering from allergies and are looking forward to bringing forth your own spring flowers.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Grandparent's Closet

Cardigan: Nordstrom | Pants: Nordstrom | Scarf: From Bangladesh | Shoes: Steve Madden (Similar) | Nail Polish: OPI Jade is the New Black

Who knew that February blues are a true phenomenon? I've been absent from the blogosphere for a minute, due to the wishy-washy weather, which doesn't allow for photo opportunities outdoors. On top of that, I've been dressing so blandly this month, subconsciously reflecting the ickiness outside. So, I finally decided to get my schnapps together and showcase my late winter / early spring inspiration. 

When you can't and don't want to dress up, always opt to switch to the grandpa / grandma fashion mode. Senior citizens do it better, so you might as well take an aged leaf out of their book, when you're lost for style. Here, I've combined the essentials - wool, knits, big buttons, corduroy and suede - to create a casual, effortless ensemble. The bright burnt orange-tan colour of the traditional, printed, oversized scarf counterpoises the neutral palette of brown, beige and black. Both, the scarf and the cardigan are guaranteed to preserve warmth, which is of utmost importance for a practical dresser, dressing for the moody Toronto weather.

Hope you enjoyed and are inspired to put together outfits that consist of items borrowed from your grandparents' closets. Just be sure to return them afterwards! :)

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Casual Canuck

Parka: Eddie Bauer | Sweater: Vintage (Similar) | Jeans: Mim France | Boots: UGG Adirondack | Toque: Carhartt | Gloves: From Peru (Similar)

When weather conditions in Toronto reach below -19, you know its time to bring out the real Canuck in you. That, of course, means embracing all kinds of lumberjack and lumber-jill paraphernalia; for instance, parkas, duck boots, hobo gloves and toques. Yes, I wrote "toque" because, believe it or not, a beanie is not the same as a toque. 

This outfit incorporates warmer tones, such as, brown, maroon and tan, to contrast the blacks and the monotone, winter canvass. The goose-down parka, which is a staple piece, never fails to keep me toasty, while the sheep fur-lined duck boots retain all the heat my toes can ever need. There's no doubt that a crew-neck sweater and skinny jeans is a must-have combo for the casual kinda gal. Last but not least, my favourite toque EVER and the softest, Peruvian alpaca wool, fingerless gloves make the cut in this uber Canadiana look. 

Hope you enjoyed, and got an idea/inspiration on how to stay warm this winter. Stay balmy, m'loves!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Fur & Angora

Coat: Ermanno Scervino | Jeans: Cheap Monday | Shoes: Aldo | Gloves: Moscow Find (similar)

What would winter be without fur coats, and woollen sweaters and accessories? Maybe the Russian in me can't justify having a wardrobe without some generous donations from fluffy critters. Mind you, that doesn't mean I condone cruelty or the purchase of fur products made in China, but that's another story of its own.

The beautiful thing about fur is that it can make even the simplest of outfits look posh and put-together. It adds texture, warmth and softness to any look. Here, I'm wearing a slim-fitting, beige coat with a rabbit fur collar. Angora rabbit wool is another item that adds demure elegance to an ensemble because of its soft, halo effect. So, I added a pair of white, angora gloves, and finished off the snug look with a pair of black skinny jeans and brown, buckled, leather booties. 

I don't doubt that people living in warmer climates envy us, Northerners, a tiny bit; they just don't want to admit it. Come on, you know it's fun to bundle up in all sorts of warmth!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Winter Pastels: Candy Corn

Sweater: River Island | Jeans: Mango | Boots: Dr. Martens | Necklace: eBay | Watch: Michael Kors

For most people, winter is nothing without black coats, grey sweaters, and dark jeans. While I mostly gravitate towards all the dark shades of the gothic rainbow, I also find myself liking lighter colours. However, one thing that I'm still not used to is BRIGHT shades. 

Bright colours are a great way to cheer up and drive away some major winter blues. Although I have nothing against winter and its frozen beauty, I thought I would try out the bright colour therapy anyway. I was daring enough to get myself a sweater that has colours that I barely ever wear. Pink - I rarely wear it. Only in the summer... sometimes. Orange - Oh, glob. I never even liked that colour but here I am, trying to "werk" it like a happy kid. The two colours combined, make a perfect visual bomb.

To keep things balanced, I wore a pair of dark-wash skinnies and my all-black Docs. I added a warm-toned chain (I love gold!) to complete the look, as it harmonized well with the knitted pattern of the sweater.

I concluded that bright sweaters (any warm sweater for that matter) make me happier. I'm still going to stay away from too much pink and orange, though; don't want to overdose. If you're in the market for bright, winter colours but are afraid you'll come across as juvenile, try the blues, greens and purples. 

Hope you enjoyed, and are having a lovely start to the new year!